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Princess Anne High School Report

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Princess Anne High School Key Info

In-depth school information including test scores and student stats for Princess Anne High School, Virginia Beach, VA.

  • Name Princess Anne High School
  • 6 out of 10 GreatSchools Rating
  • Enrollment 1,886 students (as of 2012)
  • City Virginia Beach, VA
  • County Virginia Beach City
  • District Va Beach City Public Schools
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Princess Anne High School Ratings

Avg Rating4/54/54/54/54/54/5
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Princess Anne High School Reviews

5/5 Rating - Posted January 28, 2014
Princess Anne High School is a terrific place for my son. The IB program has been especially helpful in helping him attain a great education and acceptance to several top-25 universities in the country. Teachers have always been attentive and helpful and provided him with the kind of excellent assistance that one would expect from a great school!
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted October 9, 2013
Princess Anne High School is a great school with highly qualified and dedicated teachers. My daughter is a 9th Grader and she is flourishing there academically and socially. There are boatload of student activities to participate in and get involved. The school cares about the students' safety very much. I particularly like that there is a dedicated school personnel at the front entrance of the school who guards who comes and goes. She is not just physically there. She asks questions as to why you are there and who you want to see and will direct you on your way. The school spirit is very high. It is homecoming week at PA High and the hallways are being decorated by each graduating year. Kids are highly excited, so I hear. I went to a Meet and Greet with PTSA Board Member who is involved with Operation Graduation. I met many parents there who were truly dedicated to making sure the Graduating Class of 2013 had a safe, fun, and exciting time after their graduation by going of Spirit of Norfolk Midnight Cruise and then to rented out Bowling Alley in Lynnhaven. The PA High will pay for the bus to charter kids to and from this event. Many core group of dedicated parents.
Submitted by parent

Posted September 16, 2009
Princess Anne High School has the greatest Marching Band in the country. GO..... Fabulous Marching Cavaliers!!!!!
Submitted by parent

3/5 Rating - Posted March 12, 2009
As a graduate of PA I can look back and say that overall the school prepared me for college pretty well. The IB program is good, but honestly not as good as the people who run it think it is (it's nowhere near real college level, I discovered). I think my friends at Cape Henry Collegiate and Norfolk Christian (private schools) were better prepared for college, to be honest. The teachers at PA are a mixed bag: some are really top notch and committed to their students, others are frankly incompetent and have no business teaching monkeys, much less students (for some reason the administration asks for student input, but never actually listened to our complaints about bad teachers). Like any school - including my college - there is unequal treatment of athletes and they're given second chances, academically and behavior-wise. Still, it's probably about the best public high-school in VaBeach.
Submitted by other

3/5 Rating - Posted November 16, 2008
I have mixed opinions about this school. I guess its either love it or hate it for most people that wrote reviews. I love the celebrations they have here..Homecoming was uber-fun. But yeah t is really easy to skip and alot of kids that goto this school talk about smoking pot and drinking. The IB kids are stuck up theyre butts..especially the ones that went to Kemps Landing Magnet School. You just get a vibe from them that they think you are stupid because you arent in the IB. The teachers are nice, but mostly have no clue what they are doing. Its a good school, but all the scores are so high only because of IB...which is very overrated..
Submitted by student

1/5 Rating - Posted June 22, 2008
Its sad some of the way the teachers behave, and whats even worse is that the administration has no idea whats going on. I've experienced and heard so many stories of teachers saying or doing innapropriate things right in front of their students. I've also expierenced having teachers who really did not care about students or how well they do in class- many are also very discriminating. And as far as students, well, most kids are involved with 'bad things' and I've heard many openly discussing this in class without the teacher caring. As a whole, this school has much to high of standards - its as if they forget not everyone is attending for the IB program. I would not advice sending kids here unless they are very good students and can handle it.
Submitted by student

Posted October 22, 2007
My daughter moved here mid year into the IB program from another state. To say we were blown away with the IB program coordinator and teachers is putting it mildely. Mrs. Cox gives 150 percent of herself and just plain cares!
Submitted by parent

Posted June 30, 2007
I have been at Princess Anne and Tallwood as a teacher. The parent involvement could stand to go up a notch or two. The students are mostly well-behaved and eager to work. Parents willingly support teachers.
Submitted by teacher

1/5 Rating - Posted May 23, 2007
more invested in athletes than academics; not unwilling to let favorites slide; should be a coach not a principal
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted April 22, 2007
This school was voted 144 out the 1,000 schools on the list IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY. Look it up for yourself if you'd like to see it. It was also in the 'Ten High Schools Selected for Best Practices Study' by the Virginia Department of Education. It was the only school to do so in Virginia Beach. I am a senior this year at Princess Anne, and I have been attending the school since I was a sophomore. Many kids come to PA because of the International Baccalaureate program. This past year, my boyfriend's graduating class earned 2 million (no exaggeration) dollars in scholarships. He himself was awared a $40,000 scholarship. I think it is an excellent school with a fairly decent staff and office. As far as it being 'easy to skip and go to the mall', all the kids I know who skip get caught every time.
Submitted by student

2/5 Rating - Posted April 27, 2005
I graduated from PA in 2000. My dad was in the Navy so I only went to the high school my senior year. The school was not helpful in the transition period at all. The guidance counselors need a program to help students that come other states to be successful in their school. There is a lot of military concentrated in the Hampton roads area, so a focus in helping military kids would not be a bad idea. A lot of time the credit requirements and the degree programs are different than where the student came from. A program to make sure kids are not lost in the fray would be wonderful. The teachers were also not encouraging or helpful in helping students adjust.
Submitted by former student

5/5 Rating - Posted March 27, 2005
P.A.H.S is truely one of the Best high schools in VA. Because of the diversity of the school students have learned to get along with others better. I love knowing that my kids will go to this school and learn while haveing fun and being safe.
Submitted by parent

1/5 Rating - Posted September 2, 2004
I am a parent of a child at P.h.a.s and that school is horrible. Iv tried to take my child outta there for about 2 years now with no success. Iv gotten attitudes from many of the teachers and principals and they have never tried to help me or my child out in anyway.
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted May 26, 2004
My family is enormously satisfied with Princess Anne High School s curriculum and teaching staff. Princess Anne High School is a public, college preparatory school for those that take advantage of its quality of education. My children are receiving an exceptional educational opportunity which is provided in a safe, nurturing environment that challenge their intellect, provides an enriching extracurricular program, embraces diversity and encourages ethical behavior. Prior to buying our home while the children were in elementary school, we shopped for our house with the key selling point being Princess Anne High School. An excellent school in all regards!
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted January 17, 2004
My husband and I were very pleased with Princess Anne High School. We moved to the area when my son was a sophomore and naturally, he was not happy about having to leave old friends. Fortunately, the students, guidance staff and his teachers at PAHS made the transition to his new school very easy! Everyone was so friendly and the quality of instruction was superb! We could not have wished for a finer learning environment for our son.
Submitted by parent

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