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Kempsville Meadows Elementary School Report

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Kempsville Meadows Elementary School Key Info

In-depth school information including test scores and student stats for Kempsville Meadows Elementary School, Virginia Beach, VA.

  • Name Kempsville Meadows Elementary School
  • 6 out of 10 GreatSchools Rating
  • Enrollment 520 students (as of 2012)
  • City Virginia Beach, VA
  • County Virginia Beach City
  • District Va Beach City Public Schools
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Kempsville Meadows Elementary School Ratings

Avg Rating5/55/55/54/55/55/5
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Kempsville Meadows Elementary School Reviews

5/5 Rating - Posted May 16, 2013
It all starts at the top. This school has great administrators that truly care about the students. This positivity trickles down to the teachers and then the students. The upfront staff are amazing. In just one or two visits they already knew my name and who I was there for. I am so pleased that my grandson is able to go to this school. He has made many great friends that live in the neighborhood. All good kids that we like him to associate with. After struggling last year in a different school, he made honor roll the first grading period of the year. Although he has not held this honor all year, he is learning in a positive environment with a teacher he and I both adore. Teacher has control over class yet the kids dont feel stiffled. I give this school a big THUMBS UP!
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5/5 Rating - Posted August 16, 2011
I was here in when fourth 4th grade thats when i moved i have been there sice kindergarden i was deastated this sschool is very awesome!!!!! trust me all the teachers are very nice and students!! i would recomend this school for any children!!!!!
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5/5 Rating - Posted March 14, 2009
This is our third year of having a student at KMES and we are very pleased overall. The building is clean and attractive. The office staff is friendly and security is excellent--don't even try to walk the hallways without signing in, or you will be stopped! The three teachers my children have had have been responsive, communicative, and professional at all times. Parents at the school could be much more involved, but then again the PTA could be less cliquey. I think there is some frustration on both sides there. The PTA has been effective in adding new extracurricular activities such as after-school tennis and family nights, and KMES is one of the few non-magnet schools to have its own Destination Imagination program. Principal Daughtry is a good principal but could do more toward fostering school spirit and a tight sense of community identity--about the only thing that KMES lacks.
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Posted December 17, 2007
I am the parent of a first grader at KMES and I must say that I have been very pleased in the way they have culivated my child's talents. A much better fit for him than his last school.
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5/5 Rating - Posted July 10, 2007
My daughter has attended KMES since first grade and she'll be starting fifth grade this year. She's had incredible teachers every year. The teachers have always made themselves very available any time I wanted to discuss my daughter's performance with them. Unlike the other parent, I haven't seen any preferential treatment given to the children of PTA board members. (My daughter has won several awards and I'm not a board member.) The school does appreciate, and encourages, parent involvement. I regret that we're being transferred before my younger daughter has a chance to attend Kempsville Meadows Elementary!
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4/5 Rating - Posted February 21, 2007
KMES is a really good school. The teachers are friendly and it is a safe environment. There is a stress on the SOL's every year, but every Virginia school does. This school does extremely well on their SOL's because they spend the last 6 weeks of the school year reviewing and practicing for them. The kids get homework every night with practice tests during this time period. The PTA is very active in the school. So much so that if your on the PTA committee your child will get preferential treatment ex., placement in a classroom with the best teacher for that grade level, winning school wide writing/drawing contests, being chosen for citizen of the month, etc. There are some major conflicts of interest. If you can get past these issues, it is a very good school.
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5/5 Rating - Posted June 29, 2006
THis is a great school. My children attend this school the first time we were in VA and know they are back there again. I can't say enough about the staff, administration, and teachers.
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5/5 Rating - Posted October 31, 2005
KMES is unparalleled! My daughter attended KMES K-5. My son, who has special needs (IEP), is presently a student @ KMES. KMES challenges every child to achieve their best. As the parent of two distinctly different children in learning abilities...I have witnessed for myself the exceptional commitment KMES provides - which leaves no child left behind. They are truly the most dedicated individuals I have ever had the pleasure to know. KMES provides a warm, loving, and safe environment for all of the children as well as the parents.Both of my children have been fortunate to have the KMES experience.
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