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Indian Lakes Elementary School Report

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Indian Lakes Elementary School Key Info

In-depth school information including test scores and student stats for Indian Lakes Elementary School, Virginia Beach, VA.

  • Name Indian Lakes Elementary School
  • 6 out of 10 GreatSchools Rating
  • Enrollment 587 students (as of 2012)
  • City Virginia Beach, VA
  • County Virginia Beach City
  • District Va Beach City Public Schools
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Indian Lakes Elementary School Ratings

Avg Rating4/53/54/53/54/54/5
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Indian Lakes Elementary School Reviews

4/5 Rating - Posted January 3, 2015
My daughter had to move to this school half way through kindergarten & it was very difficult for her. The teacher was very understanding of the stress associated with the change and communicated with us often. Now in 1st grade, she is excelling & her teacher is fantastic. I have never had to deal with either principal, so I can't review them, but the office staff is very friendly & does their job well. Never dealt with PTA either, so no review. I would not move my daughter out of this school.
Submitted by parent

3/5 Rating - Posted June 22, 2014
Teachers are great, but Admin needs to be humbled! The principal has been there only a year. She is very fake and is only there for her career...not the kids.
Submitted by parent

4/5 Rating - Posted January 14, 2014
For the most part this is a good school. Most teachers and staff are friendly and professional. There has been some changes is staff over the past few years which have helped improve the quality of education. If the angry and entitled assistant principal would leave then leadership would be 4 stars, but most teachers and especially parents don't care for the high and almighty assistant principal.
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted April 22, 2013
My 2nd grade child moved to this school in Fall 2012 from a Hawaii Public school. She was a grade level behind in her reading at the beginning of the school year (2012). ILES identified that she was behind within a month of school starting. They had her in extra reading programs, and getting extra help from her teacher on a daily basis. All teachers and staff were extremely helpful in this process. Now, in May 2013, my child has almost caught up completely to grade level with her reading. I don't think this would have happened as quickly or kindly anywhere other than ILES. LOVE THIS SCHOOL!!!! They do daily physical education too, which is great for their fitness. They also receive weekly art and music classes. Best public school we have seen yet in our Military travels in US.
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted October 3, 2012
My son went to ILES from K-5 and had a thoroughly wonderful experience. My daughter attended K-1 before transferring to the local gifted school. Our family feels fortunate that both of our kids had such a good experience with the wonderful teachers and administration at ILES.
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted May 18, 2012
There are many dedicated, wonderful, involved teachers at this school. I have been here twenty plus years and have seen many different changes in administrators and staff but Indian Lakes should have an excellent rating. Teachers put in extra time and effort to do their job. They go above and beyond. We have extensive training and put our students interest above all else. Most of the teachers here work so hard to do what is in the best interest of their students!
Submitted by teacher

1/5 Rating - Posted May 15, 2012
wish I could give a zero! terrible school! no matter what your child sys is going on, the administrators beleive they are lying. this school is rampant with bullies, and most of the teachers (except 2) have been bad. Even a neighbor child told me about a teacher bullying my student in front of the class! i have 2 sons and one has no behavior problems this school needs some serious help. If this is how all VA beach adminitstrators treat kids think about home school. i do hear that strawabridge is much better.
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted October 1, 2010
I attended this school in the 80s along with my other three siblings when the school had 6th grade there. Our family moved away for a while and we just moved back here. Now my oldest attends kindergarten there. There are quite a few teachers there from when I attended the school such as Mr. Jackson, Ms. Poole, and of course, Ms. Williams. I've met the new principal and the asst. principal who have made a great impression. Every morning I drop my daughter off at school and I see how efficient their system is there. My daughter loves it there especially her teacher Mrs. Bess and her asst. Ms. Mosley. During open house, my husband and I were impressed with the presentation about the curriculum for kindergarten especially math and phonics. We had gone back and forth with private and public but we realized we made the right choice.
Submitted by parent

1/5 Rating - Posted November 29, 2009
At this point I pretty much hate this school. The kinder program was awful. We moved here at the end of the year and my daught went from being top of class and loving school to hating school and strugaling. This year her teacher is much better but the school it self is awful. The children have no recess and only 30 min. lunches. It is very sad to me that this school has decided that kids can't be kids and it is better to drill them all day long. We should be moving next year and I can't wait so I can get my daughter out of this awful school.
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted January 25, 2008
I think this school is amazing. My brothers and I all went to ILES when we were kids, and now my oldest daughter is attending. When you see many of the same poeple working there after that many years, you just know they are doing something right!
Submitted by parent

3/5 Rating - Posted June 14, 2007
My son transferred into ILES in the fourth grade from the Chesapeake school system. I have to say that the Special Education team is a stellar group of people. They took the time to really help my son not just function in the school (he's off-the-charts ADHD with OCD-type compulsions) but really succeed! He's gone from not being able to take a test without freaking out to scoring the highest in the class on some. His fifth grade teacher and the SE team never gave up on him, never got tired of helping him, and are the reason that I am so confident that he will continue to do well with his newfound confidence. They really need to let the kids have recess back, 10 minutes after PE is not sufficient. Test scores aren't everything. Studies show that children need recess, but I guess that hasn't filtered to the school board.
Submitted by parent

4/5 Rating - Posted June 12, 2006
My son has attended ILES for 3 years. I really liked most of the staff although I felt let down by his second and third grade teachers. They had no follow thru when handling problems in the classroom. For example one said she would send notes home at the end of every week and didn't. Their library is fully stocked and their music teacher is wonderful. I do feel thought that there is not enough free play time and the kids get tired of being cooped up all day. Overall though I am pleased with the education he has gotten there.
Submitted by parent

4/5 Rating - Posted October 31, 2005
Indian Lakes Elementary is well above average for public school systems in America. The academic programs ranging from Special needs to gifted schooling are well above minimum standards. While some additional extracurricular activities would be a bonus, the school does provide adequate availability in these areas. Staff and teachers are highly qualified and maintain open lines of communication with parents. Student to teacher ratio is good although not outstanding. Parents are fairly involved in this school with a core of a few highly dedicated parents participating often. Overall this school has to rate in the top 20% of elementary schools nation wide.
Submitted by parent

1/5 Rating - Posted July 9, 2004
Indian Lakes Elementary has got to be the worse elementary school in Va Beach! My son transferred here from Strawbridge Elementary, an execellent school, for the 5th grade. He has declined so much since being here. He was constantly teased and bullied. With the exception of his homeroom and PE teacher, the staff was aware of this problem yet did nothing! As stated previously, they do not encourage parent participation, at least from some. - Anita Westmoreland
Submitted by parent

3/5 Rating - Posted June 8, 2004
My son transferred to Indian Lakes Elementary in the third grade which was an ok year for him during the transistion. This year has been a surprise for us, his teacher does not like interaction with parents her communication skills are poor, and she does not encourage her students in a positive manner. We like the school itself [but] I am seriously considering not sending my other two children to this school.
Submitted by parent

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