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Churchland High School Report

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Churchland High School Key Info

In-depth school information including test scores and student stats for Churchland High School, Portsmouth, VA.

  • Name Churchland High School
  • 5 out of 10 GreatSchools Rating
  • Enrollment 1,432 students (as of 2012)
  • City Portsmouth, VA
  • County Portsmouth City
  • District Portsmouth City Public Schools
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Churchland High School Ratings

Avg Rating3/53/53/54/52/53/5
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Churchland High School Reviews

5/5 Rating - Posted March 4, 2015
The school is great. My kids feel safe, cared for, and well educated. The teachers work hard and so does the principal.
Submitted by parent

3/5 Rating - Posted January 1, 2014
I recently graduated from churchland high school. Most of my classes were out of control and I felt like the students had more control than some of the teachers. I did not feel this was fair to the students that were actually working hard in the class rooms. I rarely went to the cafeteria because the kids were wild. I graduated a year early with straight A's and was supposed to wear Honors regalia but the graduation counselor did not bring it. The guidance department did not help me with scholarships and spelled my name wrong when announcing my name at graduation and on my diploma.i felt churchland high school was only focused on helping the students that were skipping school and causing trouble. Though my experience at this high school was not very pleasant, I will never forget their amazing music department. Mr . Warren, the band director, is an amazing teacher. He had complete control of the classroom and the students united like a family. If your child is about to go to this school, I highly recommend you start them up in either the music magnent or the art magnet.
Submitted by other

4/5 Rating - Posted November 19, 2013
I have one son who graduated from Churchland in 2011. My third son is currently a freshman there. We have had a wonderful experience. My husband is an alumnus and teacher in the building. We are very pleaseed with Dr. Bechtol and appreciate her hard work and strong leadership ethic. Many people have the wrong perception of this high school.
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted October 27, 2013
Both of my children attended Churchland High School. My oldest graduated with honors and my youngest will be graduating this year with honors as well. Dr Bechtol runs a tight ship and has done a tremendous job with this school. My children have had wonderful teachers that were more than willing to stay after school if they needed extra help. That's one of the things I have loved about this school. The help is there if a parent is involved in their child's education and asks for the extra help. The teachers are willing. CHS also offers a good variety of sports. My children were on the swim and the cross country teams. Overall I am please with the education my children received at Churchland High School and would even go as far as saying it is one of the best high schools in the area.
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted August 22, 2013
This school I great! Our orientation is tomorrow and I'm ready for school to start again!
Submitted by other

4/5 Rating - Posted July 9, 2010
As a 33 year veteran teacher, I can say that Churchland is one of the best. The administration and staff work hard to allow educators to do what they do best - Teach! Yes, there are problems; all schools have problems. We are not a school of perfect students, perfect teachers, perfect administrators and perfect support staff. However, we are always striving toward that goal.
Submitted by teacher

5/5 Rating - Posted June 4, 2009
I am currently a freshmen at this school. The staff at churchland ensure that each and every student has the opportunity to do any and every thing they can to further their education. Even the guidance counselors meet with each student individually to help with goal planning. Churchland offers a program (magnet) for out of zone, high acchiving students. The program features theatre, band, chorus, art, and dance and is very hands on. All together, churchand is an amazing school!
Submitted by student

5/5 Rating - Posted May 9, 2009
My daughter is a senior at Churchland High School. She has had an awesome experience. Her teachers are skilled and very caring. The administration is very structured. The students get along well. My daughter participates in the First College program. First College students take college courses through TCC. When she graduates from high school she will be able to enter college as a sophomore. Churchland also has an excellent Art Magnet Program.
Submitted by parent

Posted June 21, 2008
I am A former student and I would like to say that the best years of my life were in Churchland High. I had many friends and the teachers worked with me every step of the way. Class of 2007!!!!!
Submitted by other

Posted April 19, 2008
Churchland High School has a fantastic art department offering students the opportunity to study art at a foundations level or in advanced classes to include their Magnet Program, Ceramics, Graphic Design, Photography, and A/P Art.
Submitted by teacher

3/5 Rating - Posted November 19, 2007
As a current senior at CHS I feel that are school is average. People have done very well for themselves by attending our school while other students just do not care. There is a lot of opportunity here at Churchland if you choose to go after it. As for the parents who complain about our, you are not helping the problem. I am a guidance aide and I hear a lot of parents complain about our school, but they refuse to be bothered to help fix the problems. If you have no intention to help us grow you have no right to complain. We are, by far, not the best school by any means, most of which is due to our financial status, however we do very well with what we have.
Submitted by student

4/5 Rating - Posted October 4, 2007
As a current student (senior) at CHS, I would like to say that Churchland is by far the best high school in Portsmouth. My 4 years have been full of amazing teachers, great classes, and good friends. Shame on all of you saying that CHS is 'one of the worst schools in VA.' I attended the Summer Governor's School in Richmond this summer, and it turns out that, while we do not have a lot of money to provide all the benefits that other schools have, we are still getting a high-quality education. I felt very up to par with kids from northern VA. I believe I am very prepared for college because of what I have learned at CHS. If students would stop blaming the teachers and administrators for their supposed shortcomings, and remember that your education is what YOU make of it, perhaps they would love our school too.
Submitted by student

3/5 Rating - Posted April 24, 2007
I'm currently a junior at CHS, and I can honestly say, it's one of the worst schools in Virginia to send your child too. The teachers are fully qualified, but the students there with behavioral problems take up too much to really get anything done in 90 mins, unless you're put in an Honors class or an AP/DE class.
Submitted by student

3/5 Rating - Posted April 16, 2007
I graduated in 2004. I found that no matter what kind of student you are be put in all honors classes and AP classes. They are not that much harder, the teachers are nicer to you and there is more learning involved.
Submitted by former student

3/5 Rating - Posted January 1, 2007
My son graduated from CHS June 2006. While there were definite issues in behavior and discipline at the school there were also positive aspects. The art department is the best. Mrs. Stith and Mrs. Cosumano more than prepared my son for the rigors of a top art college in New York City. My son has said that the art history he received from his teacher more than prepared him for college. He is the top student currently at his college for art history. He was in magnet program and received help from Special Ed. Both programs were helpful to my son. The English department and French teacher were also helpful to him. Overall though it may not be the best school district -like other schools it does have positive aspects that prepared my son and enabled him to get into both his college choices.
Submitted by parent

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