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Sherwood Forest Elementary School Report

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Sherwood Forest Elementary School Key Info

In-depth school information including test scores and student stats for Sherwood Forest Elementary School, Norfolk, VA.

  • Name Sherwood Forest Elementary School
  • 2 out of 10 GreatSchools Rating
  • Enrollment 655 students (as of 2012)
  • City Norfolk, VA
  • County Norfolk City
  • District Norfolk City Public Schools
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Sherwood Forest Elementary School Ratings

Avg Rating3/53/54/53/52/53/5
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Sherwood Forest Elementary School Reviews

4/5 Rating - Posted March 24, 2014
My son has challenges and we decided to take him out of private school and send him to public school in the middle of kindergarten. Although he had a rough year, we felt encouraged that both the teachers and administration were so attentive and involved. Although the class size was larger than his previous school, I really felt that when I spoke with the teachers, they all knew my son well and wanted him to succeed just as much as we did. There are things that I don't like, too. They're communication is outdated (not much use of email or websites) and I found that there isn't much parental involvement, but overall we're impressed with the school and the faculty. My son is now in first grade and he's improved so much thanks to the open communication with his teachers and staff. I would absolutely recommend this school.
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted July 9, 2013
This school has been great, my daughter's teacher Ms.Barnes has been a great influence and role model. My daughter went from disliking and struggling in math and at the end of the year my daughter had pulled her grade up to a 'B'. My daughter now has the tools to figure out any math problem that our family has thrown at her. KUDOS TO THE STAFF AT THE SHERWOOD FOREST.
Submitted by parent

1/5 Rating - Posted May 17, 2011
i have found the very same thing as other parents! teachers who act like robots, kids who are allowed to bully the good children by getting a slap on the wrist...and if you stand your ground with them & DEFEND yourself you're just as wrong, doesn't seem fair. i have also found teachers who are ready to respond to giving kids meds to make them behave or focus by being pushy to parents & asking them to put them on something, whatever happened to good old fashioned discipline? whatever happened to taking a personal approach to their students, this school system SUCKS! & so does the school itself
Submitted by parent

4/5 Rating - Posted September 18, 2008
I have been very pleased with this school, my son has a very nice teacher, he is in Pre-k this year. All of the teacher are nice and he comes home everyday saying that he had so much fun with his teacher. All the of the parents are nice and he has made so many new friends.
Submitted by parent

4/5 Rating - Posted September 18, 2008
No probs here! My child attended 3 years and went on to Meadowbrook. I think that the kids should do most of the work at home as long as they are learning in class. It's the teachers job to teach and the parents/students job to follow up at home with take home work. I do wish the musical programs were a little better. My child was able to participate in different extracurricular programs and continues to do so in Jr. High. Sometimes it's not the school to blame. By no means am I a perfect parent and I don't know what the situation is with the other parents that have made reviews, but again, no complaints here.
Submitted by parent

1/5 Rating - Posted May 24, 2008
I was very unhappy with this school. My children have attended for the last three years, and it has gotten progressively worse. While there are some teachers who really seem to take an interest, most are lazy and want all the work done at home. They don't care about the children or their education. The children absolutely hate their new principle, and bullies are allowed to get away with anything. I can't wait to take my children out of this school.
Submitted by parent

2/5 Rating - Posted June 20, 2006
I was very unimpressed with this school. A lot of the children fighting and kids are unable to concentrate to do their best when teachers are yelling all the time. Discipline was very low so children continued to misbehave. I withdrew my children from this school and would not recommend this school to anyone.
Submitted by parent

4/5 Rating - Posted September 4, 2005
I like Sherwood Forest. Doctor Harris is wonderful.She listens and tries to help out the students and parents. I think that some people feel like the P.T.A. is for snooty people . Some parents have little time for anything . Never mind going to P.T.A. Meetings. They feel like it is a forced issue to join. That goes for the P.T.A. at any school.
Submitted by parent

4/5 Rating - Posted March 9, 2005
I agree that the school is working towards the right goals. They have some good teachers who genuinely care about the students. Parental involvement would improve the struggle their children go through to learn.
Submitted by student

3/5 Rating - Posted September 18, 2004
The school itself is trying very hard to put together a great education program. The parents however are not helping. Out of 700 students only about 200 hundred parents are PTA members. There is not enough parent involvement to help this school succeed.
Submitted by parent

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