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Little Creek Elementary School Report

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Little Creek Elementary School Key Info

In-depth school information including test scores and student stats for Little Creek Elementary School, Norfolk, VA.

  • Name Little Creek Elementary School
  • 3 out of 10 GreatSchools Rating
  • Enrollment 743 students (as of 2012)
  • City Norfolk, VA
  • County Norfolk City
  • District Norfolk City Public Schools
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Little Creek Elementary School Ratings

Avg Rating3/53/55/53/53/53/5
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Little Creek Elementary School Reviews

5/5 Rating - Posted June 8, 2013
Excellent,hardworking and passionate teachers and staff! Little Creek has come along and continues to prove negative feed backs wrong. Kudos to all the staff!
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5/5 Rating - Posted July 18, 2011
We have really enjoyed this school. We think highly of the teachers and the hard work that they put in
Submitted by parent

2/5 Rating - Posted July 23, 2010
I was really disappointed in Little Creek Elementary. The teacher sare wonderful but the administration (principal & vice Principal) were deplorable. There does not seem to be a high regard for safety nor parental involvement. It's difficult at best to even speak with the principal. The staff was always friendly and accommodating and the teachers were supportive and they loved my little boy. But it is difficult to work with the teachers with the higher ups refusing to change anything.
Submitted by parent

4/5 Rating - Posted June 2, 2010
We are very happy with Little Creek for our kindergatener. The teachers are good and the school is orderly. I would give it 5, but some of the parents are very trashy and the parking situtation is just as described previously.
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1/5 Rating - Posted August 28, 2008
I was very disappointed with this school. I do not feel they were onboard when it came to my daughters special needs. Nothing in that school was exceptable to us. Plus the parking was just a mad house. Someone even hit my car and took off... Sad really...
Submitted by parent

Posted March 19, 2008
My daughter went to the best elem school in chesapeake (B. M. Williams), so i was told. Then she had to transfer when she entered 1st grade, i was told when she that her reading level was very very bad. But right now after attending little creek elem her ready level has went up drastically.... Her teacher is great and always keeps me informed of her progress and degression.. I really appreciate all the help, kindness, caring and just overall great people in that school.
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Posted March 4, 2008
i was highly disappointed with the leadership and discipline of this school because it is not there at all. saftey not a concern, in order for discipline action to be taken someone has to be seriously hurt if you are in a certain group. on the flip side teachers are great, well above what i expected for any school
Submitted by parent

1/5 Rating - Posted March 2, 2008
i was very disappointed with this school. The teachers are good and do a good job even with kids with special needs. The problem is the leadership is not good at all and needs to be improved. The kids safety is not a major concern compared to how the school looks to the city and state officials at having problem kids. My kids went to this school for 5 years and there are better schools within the system that they now attend.
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5/5 Rating - Posted July 17, 2004
My child attended this school when she was in kindergaten. We had to move out of state and really miss this school. Although she is doing well now, she is starting the eighth grade this year, we wish she could have continued on with this school longer. It is a great school.
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4/5 Rating - Posted October 23, 2003
Our child spent 3 years at this school and the staff was wonderful. They really strive to help the children meeting their goals. A+
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