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C. Alton Lindsay Middle School Report

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C. Alton Lindsay Middle School Key Info

In-depth school information including test scores and student stats for C. Alton Lindsay Middle School, Hampton, VA.

  • Name C. Alton Lindsay Middle School
  • 3 out of 10 GreatSchools Rating
  • Enrollment 614 students (as of 2012)
  • City Hampton, VA
  • County Hampton City
  • District Hampton City Public Schools
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C. Alton Lindsay Middle School Ratings

Avg Rating3/53/53/53/53/53/5
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C. Alton Lindsay Middle School Reviews

4/5 Rating - Posted January 9, 2014
Despite the extremely cold weather Tuesday night, families, students and teachers attended our Family Engagement Night at Lindsay Middle School. The teachers were warm and engaged participants in instructional strategies used to help students understand SOL concepts.
Submitted by teacher

4/5 Rating - Posted December 4, 2013
Lindsay Middle School is a wonderful place to learn. Students are able to take advanced classes including high school credit classes. Some students can leave Lindsay with 3 or 4 high school credits.
Submitted by teacher

1/5 Rating - Posted December 8, 2010
As student from this school, I think that this is possibly the worst school ever. The teachers are very judgemental and have attitdude problems. You walk in lines there even as an 8th grader. At my old school in minnesota, you didn't have to walk in lines and you didn't have "teams" that are in each grade. I think as an adolecent, you shouldn't feel like your in elementary school again. You should feel like your a step closer to becoming an adult.
Submitted by other

5/5 Rating - Posted October 26, 2010
Thanks LMS staff! Although we have minimal exerience with VA school district, we are impressed with the involvement from the teachers and principals at LMS. They keep us well informed and up to date with our student's progress both educationally and socially. There may be teachers who are burnt out and don't care but I haven't experienced this. My opinion is that the load of the student's development should start at home and not be left up to the teachers to be truancy officers, parole officers, fill in dads (or moms), and any other role that should be filled outside the school. I expect the teachers to be educators, mentors, and role models, and this is what I have seen thus far. In order for OUR school ratings to improve parents need to step up their game and commnicate with your student and the staff!
Submitted by parent

2/5 Rating - Posted August 1, 2010
The foundation of the school is great. What and how some of the teachers bring to the table to the children is where the problem begin. You have three types of teachers at this school. 30% of the teachers care about teaching the students, 70% are burnt out or with no experience on how to deal with certain situation dealing with children. Parents send their children to obtain an education but receive some teachers with no common ground. The principal need to take the time to observe both the student and the teacher before making a decision. The school need cameras in the class rooms. The teachers need to be monitored during at least quarterly for performance purposes. In addition, teachers need to have psychologic evaluation quarterly in order to maintain suitable for handling a high intense environment with children of dirrent background, cultures and background.
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted November 6, 2009
that school is awsomeeeeeeee they have good teachers and students
Submitted by parent

Posted August 17, 2009
Being a fairly new teacher at LMS, I have seen this school go through so many changes. I have never seen a group of individuals that care as much as the teachers and staff do at LMS!!! There is a unspoken 'respect/bond' that most of teachers share with one another. (In my words: 'The strong will survive and the weak will be left behind!') Lindsay Middle will continue to grow and the students will continue to succeed!!! 'Hold on tight! LMS is coming!' :)
Submitted by teacher

Posted August 14, 2009
This school is dynomite and I really think that people need to take responsibility with their kids and send the kids to school for the right reasons it's not about the teachers even though some of them don't care about the kids, but all in all we are a family and we will surpass all of the odd's that people put forward to try to destroy us. My take is if this family is not for you find you another family we can and will turn Lindsay around to be the elite middle school in Hampton Roads Thank You!!!!
Submitted by other

5/5 Rating - Posted July 17, 2009
i love this school we have great thing to do here.
Submitted by student

Posted February 3, 2009
Lindsay Middle is poor in so many areas and I am a student that attends there. Some of the teachers here know how to teach and some do not. There are no worthy activities here and the school needs help in MANY areas its not even funny. Also we need more parents to participate if they can to help show different views and help future children who may attend there. The are really an embrassment its crazy and they are so disrespectful its not right.
Submitted by student

Posted November 19, 2008
I really like the special education teachers here. As a parent of a special needs child, I understand and value the importance of teachers who know and understand my child. This is a good school. Keep up the great work...
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted November 8, 2008
This school has changed so much over the last few years. The staff and the principal are doing a wonderful job with education and activities. Lunch is great. It is easy to communicate with everybody. Some of the classes are fun.
Submitted by student

4/5 Rating - Posted November 7, 2008
This school is so much better than it was when my eldest son attended. I have a son in sixth grade now and he loves it. The teachers have communicated with me regularly. The principle does return my calls. The school is a lot cleaner than it was (it's an old building, but they r working on it). The atmospher is a lot brighter. The attitudes of the majority are very positive. The parents are getting involved and I'm looking forward to a fantastic year. Come see what we are all about, don't just trust the reviews. This is a new year and things are steadily improving. It won't be long before Lindsay Middle will be the school to attend. Give us a moment of your time and meet with Ms. Tamara Cooper, Principal and staff. They truly are wonderful!
Submitted by parent

Posted July 26, 2008
This school has very poor leadership. Principal Tamara Cooper does not do a good job with getting back with parents. I have contacted her several times only to not have my calls returned. If she is the principal there next year I will remove my child as others have. Tamara Cooper is a bad principal!
Submitted by parent

Posted July 18, 2008
Bad School. Horrible Principal! I am a parent and expect to have the school run well. Lack of communication by Principal Tamara Cooper and staff. Poorly run.
Submitted by parent

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