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Hampton High School Report

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Hampton High School Key Info

In-depth school information including test scores and student stats for Hampton High School, Hampton, VA.

  • Name Hampton High School
  • 2 out of 10 GreatSchools Rating
  • Enrollment 1,508 students (as of 2014)
  • City Hampton, VA
  • County Hampton City
  • District Hampton City Public Schools
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Hampton High School Ratings

Avg Rating3/53/53/54/53/53/5
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Hampton High School Reviews

4/5 Rating - Posted September 21, 2014
My school is amazing, during the first week the teachers are amazing and so sweet. They help you get from point A to B and they don't hassle you. They work with you to shift you from a middle school mindset to a high schooler/ young adult mindset and it's been a pleasure so far.
Submitted by student

1/5 Rating - Posted June 24, 2014
My son transferred to this school if that is what you want to call it in January from California. The day we arrived to enroll him we saw a son, his father, and the vice principal involved in a physical altercation in the hall. We also watched many children hanging out in the hall well after the bell for class rang. Security guards laughing and inappropriately joking with the children hanging out in the hallways. And as if that wasn't enough teachers not caring. Making statements like "I am going to get paid no matter if you learn it or not." No high priority on education at all. The school was more of a day camp then a educational facility. If you can send your child somewhere else than do so. This school needs to fired everybody in there and start over. The need to have several police officers on duty at all times. This school was something I seen in a movie before Joe Clark cleaned it up. I never knew such a horrible school could exist let alone in VA. This state is surrounded by higher education and to have a facility such as this. You are better home schooling your child than sending them to Hampton High School.
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted December 5, 2013
Hampton High school has a great faculty and staff. They truly care about the students and want them to succeed. The students have a wide variety of classes, clubs and activities to choose from. While Hampton High might be well known for it's sports that is definitely not all it has to offer. It truly is a great school!
Submitted by other

1/5 Rating - Posted October 13, 2013
DO NOT ATTEND THIS SCHOOL. We have had numerous bomb threats and fights. My shirt was ruined by applesauce that was thrown on me during the most recent fight at lunch. If you don't wear Diamond Supply, Jordans, Coogi, or Eckno Untd., you automatically don't fit in.
Submitted by student

1/5 Rating - Posted June 6, 2013
It takes a village? Please. It takes parents taking control of their responsibility (children). This is our first year at Hampton. We are there only because the program my child is in is only provided there. Discipline is poor but you can lay that at the feet of parents and also the school board. The board is more concerned with a law suit than anything else. Social engineering seems to be the primary educational goal. If you can afford to, move out of the city entirely, home school or go private. Our experience with the teachers has been very good overall however. With one exceptithison they do their jobs and actually care. In the case of this school, nothing will change until they expelled about 25% of the students there and let them begin their careers elsewhere.
Submitted by parent

1/5 Rating - Posted May 23, 2013
I have nothing good to say about this school. When my son went to this school years ago, he hated it. Please note that this happened a few years ago and I don't know if it has change since then. Discrimination among students was one big issue. Students skip school all the time and teachers don't care if you go to school or not. Academically, they are slow. Coming from a european U.S. Military base, my son was disappointed that they are still taking lessons that he already took 6 months prior. He was hoping that they were somewhat advance. Therefore, he wasn't challenged and he couldn't wait to move to another school which we eventually did.
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted December 20, 2007
Great school, Great staff, Good diversity of backgrounds among students, excellent programs
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted May 11, 2007
I am afreshmen at HHS and i LOVE it... I love everything about the school
Submitted by student

5/5 Rating - Posted April 30, 2006
I have a daughter in 9th grade she really enjoys the school and I am thrilled since I graduated from HHS as well. The school has alot to offer and some great teachers. The school started a new program 'the academy' the classes are close together to allow for an easier transition. This worked very well for my daughter and she has done very well with her group of teachers. I have heard some negetive remarks but not had any bad experiences. Ms. Williams is my daughters digital input teacher and she is excellent! She has worked with me and my daughter to help her reach her full potential. The parent involvement could be better but that is a common problem is alot of schools.
Submitted by parent

2/5 Rating - Posted February 15, 2006
I am a current student at Hampton High. This is my first year to attend and will be my final. I am a military Brat. and have attended many schools two of which highschools. When i came to this school i was extremely disappointed. Not by the people but by the education. The only thing this school cares about is its foot ball. Thats great but when that becomes the utmost highest importance and its making student ignorant and uneducated. Something must changed. I came to this school and I am in honors and AP classes and still I am not challenged as i should be. There is so much violence, drugs, sex, rasicim for people of caucasin and foreign desent. I can not wait to leave. This school needs to turn around stop looking at sports and spending time if not on other clubs then on its education!
Submitted by student

1/5 Rating - Posted January 16, 2006
Hampton City Schools are some of the worse in the State of Virginia. I attended Lindsay Middle and Hamton High. Both have unqualified teachers and lack social skills. I would never advise a parent, who has the money, to send their child to a dangerous, ignorant, enviornment.
Submitted by former student

4/5 Rating - Posted October 23, 2005
Hampton High is a great school to recieve an education. Yes, there are fights, and there are undisciplined students who would rather roam the halls than attend class, but what school does not have these types of students? At Hampton High, one can be in IB, AP, or Honors classes. That's three levels of difficulty compared to the two levels found in the rest of the Hampton City Schools. Along with academics, HHS is also a very spirited school. I went to Hampton and had the time of my life, and recieved straight A's in the IB program. I think everyone in the city of Hampton should have the opportunity to rock the red -n- white.
Submitted by former student

5/5 Rating - Posted February 14, 2005
I went to HHS my freshmen and sophmore year. HHS is a great school. They always put there students first, and help them in any way possible. Its a very good school. I would defenitely send my kid there.
Submitted by student

1/5 Rating - Posted January 21, 2005
Hi, this review about Hampton High is going to be horrible. I attend Hampton High and have been for the past two years my sister graduated in 2004 my brother in 2000 and I get the pleasure to leave in 2006. don't get me wrong its a great place to learn they just need to hire more qualifying teachers and not young ones fresh out of college. The security is lacking the administration is terrible.
Submitted by student

4/5 Rating - Posted November 30, 2004
I strongly feel that it is not all the school and the staff problem. If parents would do what they needed to do at home alot of the problems would not be in schools. I feel that Hampton High is a wonderful school. I graduated from there and now have two sons attending. People are not perfect and it is totally unfair to the school for parents to continue to put blame when they will not do their part! It takes a village now to raise our children.
Submitted by parent

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