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Francis Asbury Elementary School Report

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Francis Asbury Elementary School Key Info

In-depth school information including test scores and student stats for Francis Asbury Elementary School, Hampton, VA.

  • Name Francis Asbury Elementary School
  • 4 out of 10 GreatSchools Rating
  • Enrollment 433 students (as of 2014)
  • City Hampton, VA
  • County Hampton City
  • District Hampton City Public Schools
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Francis Asbury Elementary School Ratings

Avg Rating4/55/55/54/55/55/5
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Francis Asbury Elementary School Reviews

5/5 Rating - Posted March 19, 2013
We moved to Southall Landings neighborhood partly because of Asbury's good ratings. I am so happy we did! My son loves going to school here. The staff has been very supportive of his learning. He had learning delays in the past, but has thrived for the past two years at Asbury.
Submitted by parent

1/5 Rating - Posted September 17, 2010
Also the classrooms are overfull and there are too many out of zone students. I live on beach road therefore making me INZONE so i should not have had to deal with so many other students.
Submitted by other

2/5 Rating - Posted December 16, 2008
Although the staff is very nice, we have been very unsatisfied with the school. Communication could use improvement. The curriculum, although I'm sure they follow requirements, is extremely unchallenging if you have a child that is above average in learning. We chose this school in the district when we had to move to Hampton because of the reviews and I am sorry that it was so inaccurate, in my opinion. I recommend parents tour this school while it is in session before committing.
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted September 18, 2008
Great school. Just moved here from Newport News and this school is great.
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted August 7, 2008
We moved to Fox Hill from Chesapeake because of the terrific schools..My daughter has been in Asbury since Kindergarten and we love it, great teachers,principal,PTA,and parent involvement. The only problem is so many out of zone students are in the school because it is the best, it does make the class sizes way to large compared to some of the other schools.
Submitted by parent

Posted November 29, 2007
This school is amazing! My child has so many allergies and before she even started school which was after school had started mind you. The nurse had notified all her teachers, all cafeteria staff and they were all trained on how to use an epi pen(the allergies(mostly food ((5 types) and 2 outside of that are life threatening). So the 1st day I took her in, I went to the nurse to give her the epi pen and she told me about all this and I was in awe, I felt safe for my daughter. I love this school!!!!!!
Submitted by parent

Posted October 3, 2007
This will be our 2nd year and we love it to no end.
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted October 4, 2006
as a father of 2 students attending Asbury as 'out of zone' students (and a husband of a Hampton City School teacher) - i am very happy with the entire Asbury experience my children are currently receiving.
Submitted by parent

4/5 Rating - Posted November 12, 2005
As a parent of an in-zone student, I am not happy that so many out-of-zone students go to this school. The classes are huge and there is not enough space or resources to accomodate them. Asbury is a great school with wonderful teachers. It is too bad that the kids who are supposed to go there do not get the full attention and resources they deserve because of all of the out of zone students.
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted October 28, 2004
My son is in 4th grade and has been at Asbury since kindergarten, now my daughter is attending as a first-grader. They are out-of-zone students and they absolutely love being there. We have been blessed to have our children attend Asbury and we will always have fond memories as they have made great friends and the faculty is phenomenal.
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted April 24, 2004
My daugther attended Asbury from kindergarden to 3rd grade. I love this school, the teachers are wonderful. The new principal is terrific with the student, and shows and great deal of care about the school. I love Francis Asbury. E. Gordon
Submitted by parent

5/5 Rating - Posted April 11, 2004
My son has had a wonderful experience at Asbury Elementary. The teachers are enthusiastic and want to be there. We are lucky enough to attend as an out of zone student, so we also want to be at Asbury. The PTA has wonderful parental involvement.
Submitted by parent

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